Project LogBook

Site 1: Mt. Hebo

  • All Systems Operational
  • Upgrading power and audio on linking repeater
  • Adding UHF link to Evergreen Intertie
  • Summer 2007 building painting project

Click for high resolution

Click for high resolution

Old Paint

First start on new paint

Site 2: Lincoln City

  • New building built
  • Installing new antennas, feedline, batteries in new suite
  • Added link to 145.290 Salem, 442.600 linked to Salem 24/7
  • Adding new UHF repeater
  • Adding new controller for UHF backbone link
  • IRLP node running, will connect to new repeater

Site 3: Cape Foulweather

  • All Systems Operational
  • Working on backbone linking audio

Site 4: Rockaway Beach

  • All Systems Operational
  • Working on backbone UHF signal strength and audio
  • Seeking WIFI connectivity to add cameras

Site 5: Rose Lodge

  • All Systems Operational

Site 6: Cline Hill

  • All Systems Currently Off

Site 7: Cape Perpetua

  • All Systems Operational

Site 8: Cape Meares