Lighthouse Day and OCRG

  • International Lighthouse Weekend August 15-16 2009 - Cape Meares Lighthouse

This year the Oregon Coast Repeater Group is proud to promote and sponsor the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend event at Cape Meares Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. This particular lighthouse has never officially participated in the ILLW event, a couple attempts have been made but with limited success. This year the OCRG has been asked to sponsor and support the event and it will operate with several HF stations and welcome the official 'lighting' of the lighthouse for for the event.

A small group of folks are working on the setup of the site and antennas, and we welcome all amateur operators to show up during the event and participate. We hope to have a full digital station operating a variety of digital modes, as well as a typical analog HF station for voice contacts. The spirit of the event is to make people aware of amateur radio and the lighthouses all around the world guiding ships.

More information is available at the International Lighthouse and Lightship website and the Cape Meares Lighthouse website

This page will be updated as we get closer to the event with specific times and contact information.

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